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Sports for kids

Sports play an important role in the development and bringing up kids. However, to make the process of their involvement in the health life style more harmonious, it is better to choose a sports section for them according to their own preferences and needs.

Practically all sports sections start for the kids at the age of 4-5. But not all lessons are good for the children of this age. For instance, let’s take martial arts, box and wrestling. It is appropriate for 7-year-old kids, but you should better select the kind of sports where there is less fighting in pairs, because children fight heatedly and severely and it is no good for the kid to receive strokes in the head regularly. Kids undergo concussions worse than adults; it can lead to chronic diseases of brain. The strokes on the face can cause the damages of ear cartilage, nasal cartilage, traumas of eye orbits – for the growing kid it is the source of future health problems. It is recommended to start with aikido, where the main task is to learn how to fall down correctly in order to avoid traumas. Box should be postponed till the age of 12, or better refuse from this idea completely.

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Traveling By Plane With Kids: Tips For Parents

Summer vacation is a perfect opportunity for you to spend quality time with your kids. Your children are doubtlessly looking forward to building sandcastles on the beach and playing with other kids by the swimming pool. But you are supposed to reach the destination first, and that appears to be a pain in the neck for many parents because as a rule kids are not very excited about traveling by plane. How will they stand the flight? Will they be scared? Sick? Play up? Let’s check some tips for coping with possible problems.


If your kid is acrophobic and the idea of being thousands miles above the ground scares him, make sure he doesn’t sit next to the window. If he doesn’t see the height it’s easier for you to control his phobias. If you are acrophobic yourself, do your best to hide it because children are very sensitive and receptive and your fear can pass on to the kid. You can assure him that flying isn’t scary but an exciting adventure by telling him interesting stories about the crew and the plain.

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