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How to avoid problems in family?

People are different. And if you fall in love with a man and think he is just a perfect person it doesn’t mean you will be able to live happy life with him. Well, it sounds strange indeed. If you really want to live happy life with your partner you should work on your relationship. Remember that healthy relationship should be maintained. It means that it requires time and patience.

Unfortunately arguments are inevitable. And if you tend to pay attention to the trivial matters sooner or later it would damage your relationship. If you are sure that your partner really loves you and appreciates you then what the point to be a drama queen. You should realize that both of you learn. Sometimes it happens that we make mistakes but at the same time we learn by making them. Do not be too demanding.

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Sports for kids

Sports play an important role in the development and bringing up kids. However, to make the process of their involvement in the health life style more harmonious, it is better to choose a sports section for them according to their own preferences and needs.

Practically all sports sections start for the kids at the age of 4-5. But not all lessons are good for the children of this age. For instance, let’s take martial arts, box and wrestling. It is appropriate for 7-year-old kids, but you should better select the kind of sports where there is less fighting in pairs, because children fight heatedly and severely and it is no good for the kid to receive strokes in the head regularly. Kids undergo concussions worse than adults; it can lead to chronic diseases of brain. The strokes on the face can cause the damages of ear cartilage, nasal cartilage, traumas of eye orbits – for the growing kid it is the source of future health problems. It is recommended to start with aikido, where the main task is to learn how to fall down correctly in order to avoid traumas. Box should be postponed till the age of 12, or better refuse from this idea completely.

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How to make this world better

It’s very important to realize you are constantly improving not only yourself, but also the world around you. And there’s a great connection between your inner and outer world. If you change your approach to everyday life, you’ll see the world is changing as well. So these are 14 ways to change the world.

1) Be friendly. You needn’t money or talent to be kind. Smile more. If you smile at your neighbor, the neighbor will smile at a shop assistant in the supermarket, and the shop assistant will smile at a buyer, etc. You may start this chain and infect people with your good mood.

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