The Jewish Traditions Connected with the Birth of a Girl

Far before the modern ceremonies have appeared there existed the ancient traditions connected with the birth of a girl in the Jewish families.

In the communities in the Middle East and North Africa as well as Italy The tradition of giving a name to the newborn girl was called “Zeved a-Bat” which meant “the God’s Gift”. The name of the ceremony is originated from the lines of Genesis :”And I received the wonderful gift from God”. This tradition appeared many ages ago and remains popular among the Jews at the present time. On the first Saturday after the birth the father with the grandfathers of the girl is to read aloud the extracts from Torah in the synagogue. The mother and the grandmothers also attend the service but they can’t read the Holy Writings aloud. The father has the possibility to read the Torah twice and each of the grandfathers can read it aloud once during the ceremony. After that the rabbi congratulates the parents and pronounces a special prayer asking God to shed his mercy upon the family. After the religious ceremony the celebration starts. The Jews sing traditional songs and lay the celebration table.

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Useful And Useless Presents for Newly Born Babies

If your friends or relatives have invited you to a party which is connected with the birth of a baby thin about the present you will give to the new born child. Everybody wants his present to be useful and nice. The choice is really rich. One may choose the modern toys, nappies and cosmetics for children. Here is the list of the things that are not the best present for a new born baby.

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I’ll Be Back – Music Comebacks

Inconstancy is in human nature. People often change their decisions, and rock and pop stars are not the exception from this rule. It has already become a tradition in a music world to come back after having left the stage forever. There can be only two reasons why the stars who have given there last pompous concerts years ago return to their music carrier. The romantic explanation is that it is yearning for old good days and emotions which make them return. From the pragmatic point of view, the retired celebrities just need some more money to earn. No matter what the actual reasons are, comebacks are good as they give people the opportunity to feel the joy of nostalgic recognition which we all need to experience from time to time.

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8 Myths And Facts About Famous Movies

1. Do you remember a famous scene in Mission: Impossible movie where Tom Cruise and Dougray Scott are riding towards each other on the bikes, then seizeing one another in the air, fall down to the ground and continue fighting? Well, in the reality such a falling would end up with a hit of 350, 000 N/m2. 50% of people will die in a few seconds after such an accident.

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The Snowflake Method of Easy Writing

The Snowflake Method of easy and fast writing will help anyone to create a literature work from the news report to the epic drama. To understand this method imagine a snowflake. The basis of the snowflake is a tiny piece of ice with the supplementary icicles that extend one another. The matter of the method is to create the central phrase that indicates the main idea of the work. And by the developing the details of this sentence step be step one can write the whole story.

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Shop Facades Fight for Attention

It is not a secret that competition rules the modern market. To attract attention of the consumers the manufactures and designers do not hesitate to use the most extraordinary ideas and promo actions. A well-developed design of the shop can become a continuation of the policy of the company and the reflection of its ideas. Here is the top of the most unusual shop projects all over the world.

  • Brand bags Freitag are made of tents of trucks, and the handles are made of safe belts. The Freitag shop in Zurich develops this concept as it is built of used transport containers. Seventeen containers were used to create this unique store which appeared to be 26 meters high. The interior of the shop can be also characterized by its simplicity, effectiveness and environment-friendly attitude.
  • For the promotion of vertiginous sales in the Gap shop in Vancouver the shop windows, 32 mannequins, 4 demonstration tables, more than 100 units of clothes, all mirrors and logo as well as three cars on the parking lot and the stand with hot dogs were turned upside down for several days.
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The Role of Women in Political Legitimization of Their Husbands

It becomes a common thing nowadays that the wives of political leader are getting involved into their elective campaign of their husbands and help them to gain the political weight. The “wife factor” technology is likely to be chosen by the ones who want to be acknowledged as legitimate political players.

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