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I’ll Be Back – Music Comebacks

Inconstancy is in human nature. People often change their decisions, and rock and pop stars are not the exception from this rule. It has already become a tradition in a music world to come back after having left the stage forever. There can be only two reasons why the stars who have given there last pompous concerts years ago return to their music carrier. The romantic explanation is that it is yearning for old good days and emotions which make them return. From the pragmatic point of view, the retired celebrities just need some more money to earn. No matter what the actual reasons are, comebacks are good as they give people the opportunity to feel the joy of nostalgic recognition which we all need to experience from time to time.

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Maroon 5 – She Will Be Loved.

Hello there ladies and gentleman! This is my first post over here in my blog and I decided to insert a video just for everyone to understand better what kind of person I actually am. The video is by one of my favorite music bands Maroon 5, I know that it’s a pretty old one but it really means a lot to me. A lot of good and pleasant memories are connected with She will be loved song by them.  And yes, I am really romantic and soft person although I am trying to hide it since I don’t find these features to be the strong parts of any human being. So, this is the song that says a lot about me.

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