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Hokku- the Japanese Art of Prosody

The ancient tradition of poetry in Japan which was transmitted by the ancestors to the descendants has influenced the rules and canons of the modern hokku. The rules and manner of writing hokku are firm and unwavering like the other things associated with Japan such as the garden of 13 stones, sushi and warm sake. Following the rules id the national feature of the Japanese personality.

The Japanese poetry differs dramatically from the European and Eastern one, for example Indian and Chinese. The influence of Zen Buddhism has brought its rules of laconism and meditative observation of the object to the Japanese poetry. The lines of hokku are characterized by the in-depth view and total absorption by the depicted event or object. There are as little word required as possible to transmit the slightest elusive feeling of the changing word. That’s why each word of Japanese poetry carries great significance in spite of the laconism of the poetic lines.

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The Snowflake Method of Easy Writing

The Snowflake Method of easy and fast writing will help anyone to create a literature work from the news report to the epic drama. To understand this method imagine a snowflake. The basis of the snowflake is a tiny piece of ice with the supplementary icicles that extend one another. The matter of the method is to create the central phrase that indicates the main idea of the work. And by the developing the details of this sentence step be step one can write the whole story.

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