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The Birth of Harry Potter

With the release of the last book about Harry Potter we got to know the end of the remarkable fairy tale. But not so many people know how it actually began…

The idea to write a story about a young wizard Harry came to in the train ‘Manchester-London’. She was going to the capital, where she worked as a secretary in the ‘Amnesty International ‘. It was boring and crowded there, when suddenly an image of a thin dark-haired boy with glasses appeared in her head. All her way there she amused herself by adding new details to the appearance of her new character. That was the beginning of a long story. Then Joanne moved to Portugal to work as a teacher of English, where she got married and gave birth to her daughter. Later the writer confessed that she wanted to let her child read something exciting about magic. As we see she managed to implement it.

In Portugal she worked in the day time, and wrote after. Soon our character got his own history, friends, enemies and a magic world around. Many of Rowling’s characters were copied from her friends or just familiar people, and sometimes she took some features from herself. For example, a nerdy Hermione Granger is very similar to Joanne when she was 11, and Professor Snape looked like one of Rowling’s school teachers. Continue reading