Greece needs money.

The economic situation in Greece is tough nowadays.People are protesting in Greece. Pensioners do not get proper medical care and treatment. Doctors are not paid for a long period of time. Salaries and pensions are reduced. Authorities are not willing to meet furious demonstrators. Workers face salary cuts. Thus university professors have to accept the following proposal, “the proposed cuts are: five percent on those earning up to 1 000 euros monthly; 15 percent on earning between 1 001 and 1500; 25 percent on salaries between 1500 and 2500 euros and 30 percent on all incomes above 2501 euros”. It became known that Greece authorities are going to calculate German war reparations. Greeks are ready to fight with Germans. They are sure that Germany owes them pretty much. “The German reparations are a particularly complex legal issue and subject to study and settlement at an international level in accordance with the rules of international law. The case is still outstanding, and as a country we reserve the right and possibility to manage it to a satisfactory conclusion”, says Deputy Finance Minister Christos Staikouras.

Army of Nazis invaded Greece and Yugoslavia on May 1941. The country was occupied by the Nazi and divided between Italy, Germany and Bulgaria. Thus Athens, Central Macedonia, Western part of Crete, Milos, Amorgos and the island of the Northern Aegean belonged to Germany. Thrace and Eastern Macedonia was controlled by Bulgaria. The rest of the country was controlled by the Italians. The Greek Resistance movement was growing and it managed to free some parts of the country during the war. The country was liberated in autumn 1944 except the territories of the Aegean islands. As matter of fact Greece was economically devastated and ruined. Over 400 000 people died during the occupation. Jews were annihilated in German concentration camps.

So in the situation Greece finds itself it is reasonable to require reparations from German government. Experts are going to figure out how much Germany owes by examining archival materials. At the same time it is known that Germany paid reparations to Greek war victims previously. Thus the Germans paid about $74 million to them. In the 1960s Greece and Germany signed an agreement saying that “no further claims for individual damages would be accepted”. Anyway people still require reparations for World War II damages and occupation. In fact they say that Germany owes to Greece about $95 billion.

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