Useful And Useless Presents for Newly Born Babies

If your friends or relatives have invited you to a party which is connected with the birth of a baby thin about the present you will give to the new born child. Everybody wants his present to be useful and nice. The choice is really rich. One may choose the modern toys, nappies and cosmetics for children. Here is the list of the things that are not the best present for a new born baby.

  • Nappies. If you haven’t your own children yet it will be a difficult task to find the best nappies for a baby. In the most cases the mothers prefer to use the definite brands or choose the plain no-name ones. The popular brands such as Huggies or Pampers may turn out to cause allergic reaction. The rash and skin irritation is not a rare thing that is typical of the modern babies. To avoid these unpleasant symptoms more and more mothers prefer to buy the expensive Japanese brands of nappies. They are not so easy to be found in the local pharmacies. It’s better to leave the problem of choosing the nappies for the parents and think of some other variants.
  • Numerous baby skin refiners, shampoos, cremes, balms, lotions and other similar things are also a dangerous choice. The mother of the baby knows better what to choose. All these refiners and cosmetic cremes are bought by the mother in accordance with the recommendations of the family pediatrician. But if you still want to choose the baby cosmetics as a present make sure that it has the label “0 +”. Actually there are little cosmetic items with such label on the shelves of the pharmacies. The widely advertized cosmetics “Johnson’s Baby” has the label which says “12 +” which means that all this staff could be used since 12 months.
  • It’s a surprising fact that many people avoid giving toys as presents. Probably they think that the parents have already bought enough toys for their baby. But try to give a developing musical toy. That will help to improve the mood and the thinking process of a baby.

  • Don’t buy baby vests or bodies if you want to buy some clothes for the baby. Choose the nice suit that can be worn in the current season. But take into account that the babies grow fast and your present will be too small in a couple of weeks.
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