I’ll Be Back – Music Comebacks

Inconstancy is in human nature. People often change their decisions, and rock and pop stars are not the exception from this rule. It has already become a tradition in a music world to come back after having left the stage forever. There can be only two reasons why the stars who have given there last pompous concerts years ago return to their music carrier. The romantic explanation is that it is yearning for old good days and emotions which make them return. From the pragmatic point of view, the retired celebrities just need some more money to earn. No matter what the actual reasons are, comebacks are good as they give people the opportunity to feel the joy of nostalgic recognition which we all need to experience from time to time.

The most famous comebacks in the history of music was performed by Elvis Presley with his song “If I Can Dream”, Tina Turner, Guns’n’Roses, the Cranberries, Genesis, Take That and the Stooges. Some celebrities, like Ozzy Osborne, practice comebacks queerly often which make the audience suspect that they do it to support their decreasing popularity.

Some examples of comeback are really thrilling. For instance, in 2005 on the charity festival Live 8 the two main musicians of Pink Floyd David Gilmour and Roger Waters played together the first time in twenty years, though they hated each other all that time. This performance has become the classic of rock comebacks.

The reunion tour of Spice Girls in 2008 has become another sensation, this time in the world of pop music. However, there are cease when famous bands refuse from giving concerts even if the honorary is extremely high. For instance, legendary ABBA refused from one milliard dollars for the world tour in 2000. Probably, some stars just do not want to spoil their glittering reputation by looking on the stage older than their fans remember them.

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