8 Myths And Facts About Famous Movies

1. Do you remember a famous scene in Mission: Impossible movie where Tom Cruise and Dougray Scott are riding towards each other on the bikes, then seizeing one another in the air, fall down to the ground and continue fighting? Well, in the reality such a falling would end up with a hit of 350, 000 N/m2. 50% of people will die in a few seconds after such an accident.

2. Bruce Willis and his crew in Armageddon movie are going to explode a Texas-sized asteroid with a 100 megaton bomb. Sounds nice, but in fact they would need another 8 million bombs of the same power to complete the mission.

3. Maya people in Mel Gibson’s Apocalypto appear as a wild tribe that practice human sacrifices and tear innocent people’s hearts off just for fun. In fact, Mayas are known to be a highly developed civilization that gave the world a lot of knowledge about astronomy, math and other sciences. They used to kill the captives only, and actually not all of them.

4. In Independence Day blockbuster directed by Ronald Emmerich, a huge spaceship approaches the Earth. This ship is as large as a quarter of the Moon, and this fact means that in real life such approaching would affect the Earth more than any space war. At the very least, it would cause Tsunamis and earthquakes of a great power.

5. In 300 movie you can see filled teeth in Leonidas’ mouth and vaccination marks on the arms of his soldiers.

6. In the end of Troy movie soldiers put the coins on their dead brothers in arms’ eyes. Yes, there was a tradition in the Ancient Greece (coins were supposed to help the dead people pay Charon in order to cross the river Styx), but it appeared after the Trojan War. Besides, there was no metal money at all! It was invented much later.

7. Holly Berry’s heroine in X-Men movie is named Storm for her ability to generate deadly thunder and lightning. The point is a regular lightning produces the energy of 500 000 000 J which is equal to 120 000 calories. All in all, Storm is supposed to eat at least 240 Big Macs at a time in order to produce at least one lightning.

8. In The Day After Tomorrow the air masses from the troposphere come down to Earth and turn everything into ice. In fact, the temperature in the troposphere is about 134-200°F and it would get warmer as it approaches the surface of the Earth.

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