The Snowflake Method of Easy Writing

The Snowflake Method of easy and fast writing will help anyone to create a literature work from the news report to the epic drama. To understand this method imagine a snowflake. The basis of the snowflake is a tiny piece of ice with the supplementary icicles that extend one another. The matter of the method is to create the central phrase that indicates the main idea of the work. And by the developing the details of this sentence step be step one can write the whole story.

This idea was suggested by Randy Ingermason who is an acknowledged author of the writing course.

Here are the rules of this method that will teach you how to write a story making the least effort possible.

  • Express the idea of the work in one sentence without the names or any details.
  • Extend this sentence to the size of a paragraph and add the introduction, the conflict and the pay-off. Five or six sentences will be enough. That will take you about an hour, but this paragraph should be intriguing and give the impression of the future story. Now you may send it to the publishers.
  • Describe the protagonists. Write their names, their brief life stories, their motivations, and don’t forget about the changing in their personalities.
  • Now return to the first paragraph and extend these five sentences so that each of them will make the separate rubric. Mention the events happening with the main characters.
  • Describe the actions of the characters making several separate stories. Then take a little rest and correct the mistakes and the clashes.
  • Now make the list of the events that will unite the characters. Use the scheme to ease that work.
  • Then extend these paragraphs and join all the parts together.

The main thing is not to give up if you face any difficulties. Don’t stop and improve your writing skills.

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