Shop Facades Fight for Attention

It is not a secret that competition rules the modern market. To attract attention of the consumers the manufactures and designers do not hesitate to use the most extraordinary ideas and promo actions. A well-developed design of the shop can become a continuation of the policy of the company and the reflection of its ideas. Here is the top of the most unusual shop projects all over the world.

  • Brand bags Freitag are made of tents of trucks, and the handles are made of safe belts. The Freitag shop in Zurich develops this concept as it is built of used transport containers. Seventeen containers were used to create this unique store which appeared to be 26 meters high. The interior of the shop can be also characterized by its simplicity, effectiveness and environment-friendly attitude.
  • For the promotion of vertiginous sales in the Gap shop in Vancouver the shop windows, 32 mannequins, 4 demonstration tables, more than 100 units of clothes, all mirrors and logo as well as three cars on the parking lot and the stand with hot dogs were turned upside down for several days.
  • The Swarovski store in Tokyo impresses the customers’ imagination by its luxury. The facade of the shop presents glassy mirror and the interior called Crystal Forest is decorated by crystals in order to make everybody understand that Swarovski is an exclusive brand.

  • The international net of supermarkets 7-Seven has temporarily renamed its shops in North America to Kwik-E-Mart, imaginary chain stores from Simpsons series. It was possible to buy Buzz Cola or Squishees there and feel like a character from this famous story.
  • The shop of Adidas in Amsterdam is made in the form of a box from which only laces emerge. This efficient and laconic design reflects the character of the brand itself.
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