The Role of Women in Political Legitimization of Their Husbands

It becomes a common thing nowadays that the wives of political leader are getting involved into their elective campaign of their husbands and help them to gain the political weight. The “wife factor” technology is likely to be chosen by the ones who want to be acknowledged as legitimate political players.

This also appears to be a prolific sos measure to regain popularity during the decline of the public interest. The support articulating its energy impulsed by the gender factors is easily transmitted to the figure being legitimized. For example, the leader of Syria Bashar Hafez al-Assad spends the most part of his free time with his wife Asma. They appear in public places such as parks, restaurants, or just the streets of Damascus during the holidays and the days off. The electorate appreciates such publicity and social availability of their president’s family.

The wife of the Ughanda president Yoweri Kaguta Museveni Jacqueline appealed to the women of Kampala to take an active part in the cleaning of the city streets before the official visit of Bill Clinton. Without any doubts that action was aimed to gaining political legitimacy for her husband.

The wife of the Egyptian president Muhammad Hosni El Sayed Mubarak Suzanne has a great positive impact on the political image of her spouse with her leadership in a women association. The support of his wife activity can’t avoid the automatic appliance to his political course. The couple is accepted as an nondetachable political nucleus.

In the USA during the president election campaign the great importance was given to the non-political factors. The US citizens who were hesitating in their choice were influenced by the positive image of Lora Bush, which worked in favor of the future president. The role of the politic housewife and the modest school teacher perfectly performed by Lora Bush was more understandable and had more opportunities to be associated with themselves. The average US citizen tends to be unlikely to accept the fact that the political course of his or her country is being worked out in the political kitchen where the leading position is always kept by the woman. The important thing was also the origin of the candidates’ wives. Lora Bush, a native-born American left Theresa Carry who was born in Mozambique far behind.

That was the successful image of Lora Bush turned out to be that trump card which gave the opportunity for George Bush to receive the right to take the political decisions.

Many political leaders provide the great fields for their wives to implement their political abilities. Moving through the corridors of power together with their husbands the women frequently reach even higher positions themselves. Of course the vertical movement of their social status tightly correlates with the favorable condition of the current conjuncture.

But the image of the political leader’s wife doesn’t always have a positive influence on the forming a good start for their husbands. Sometimes the action of their wives is disapproved and criticized by their counterparts.

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