Fashion Crimes Commited by Men

It’s up to you, to follow the fashion rules or to ignore them. After all the main thing is always stay true to yourself and look naturally. If you will manage to remain yourself without obeying all the rules than these tips are probably not for you. But if you hesitate if you’re doing right consider the most popular mistakes made by men.

The untucked shirt. It’s not quite obvious what look is worse: the untucked shirt or jeans caught in somewhere around the ribs. You are not a teen or House MD to wear the shirt in that way. And the trousers several sizes larger hold up by the tight belt are not OK as well.

The untucked T-shirt is a greater disaster. One should have the finest sense of style and the perfect body to wear his T-shirt tucked in his trousers or shorts. Every time I want to tuck my T-shirt I remember the words of my best friend “Never ever tuck your T-shirt” when he saw a picture of me on my cell-phone.

The wrist watch being worn next to the elbow. This is called wrist, but not elbow watch, so it should be at the right place. I wear iPod nano instead. To make it fit my wrist I just loosen the silicone band. This looks good with my long arms. The question why some individuals tighten their wrist watch in the middle of forearm still has no answer.

Too much accessories. In this case the rule of the three colors works. Don’t wear more than three ones in one outfit. For example, watch, belt an the bow tie. If you like bracelets, remember that they must match the watch and be made of the same material. But it would be better just to wear several one on one hand, which is more difficult.

Tank tops. These ones are a mystery. Why do skinny guys prefer wearing them is not clear to me. If you have strong beefy hands than maybe the tank will look good on you.

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  1. shovonc

    You should google Arindam Chaudhuri and check out his clothes. This will put this whole topic in perspective. I also did a story about his tailor, but apparently it’s rude to post links, so I won’t.

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