Traveling By Plane With Kids: Tips For Parents

Summer vacation is a perfect opportunity for you to spend quality time with your kids. Your children are doubtlessly looking forward to building sandcastles on the beach and playing with other kids by the swimming pool. But you are supposed to reach the destination first, and that appears to be a pain in the neck for many parents because as a rule kids are not very excited about traveling by plane. How will they stand the flight? Will they be scared? Sick? Play up? Let’s check some tips for coping with possible problems.


If your kid is acrophobic and the idea of being thousands miles above the ground scares him, make sure he doesn’t sit next to the window. If he doesn’t see the height it’s easier for you to control his phobias. If you are acrophobic yourself, do your best to hide it because children are very sensitive and receptive and your fear can pass on to the kid. You can assure him that flying isn’t scary but an exciting adventure by telling him interesting stories about the crew and the plain.


If your kid’s vestibular system is weak, you’d better watch him carefully and be ready to offer him a sickness bag. Plus, it’s a good idea to grab some candies and water because small swallowing movements help your kid to cope with the pressure.


If you don’t want your offspring to annoy other passengers, cry, moan or play pranks, you should pre-plan some entertainment program to keep him busy while on board. If you have an opportunity to choose the time of the flight, opt for the night ones – probably, the chubby lad will fall asleep and liberate you from any concerns. But most likely he will be too excited to sleep, so it’s a good idea to grab books, coloring books, modeling clay, toys, etc. Besides, don’t forget to take your portable gadget on board if you have one. You can leave the kid watching cartoons or playing games and have a deserved rest!

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